We Need Your Help – Charlotte, NC Skate Plaza Campaign

We Need Your Help – Charlotte, NC Skate Plaza Campaign

UPDATED: JULY 10, 2013


Help us raise awareness for a safe and legal Skate Plaza in Charlotte, N.C.

This is your chance to be heard. The city is listening, but the Charlotte community needs to make the demand known.
[supertagline]Join The Movement & Help Spread The Word[/supertagline] [superquote]Why[/superquote] For years, the skateboarding community has expressed the need for safe and legal Skate Plaza areas to be included in Mecklenburg County park facilities. With the close of Methodist Home Skatepark, the community has only a single, public facility and is underserved currently.


[superquote]What[/superquote] Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation has responded by recently including a Charlotte Skate Plaza concept in the plans for a proposed renovation and expansion of existing Bryant Park located at 1701 West Morehead Street nestled between Suttle Avenue and Freedom Drive, near the heart of uptown.


This concept could be a valuable “test pilot” for additional Skate Plazas in future parks throughout Mecklenburg County.

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[superquote]The Big Picture[/superquote] Bryant Park is an great location with deep park roots and historical significance making it an ideal candidate for renovation and redevelopment. The expanded corridor will act as a gateway for the city and connect the network of existing regional greenways constructed over the last few years. The envisioned Bryant Park master plan would not only be home to a highly visible, free skateboard plaza but also incorporate additional sports fields, community lawns, and a sidewalk network designed with places to sit, eat, view the skyline and watch fireworks or potential concerts in the park. The area has the potential to become a hub of bike and pedestrian connectivity with amenities like restrooms, shelters, grills, swing arbors and play areas for kids of all ages making this site truly unique and beneficial to the entire community — not just skateboarders.

[superquote]When[/superquote] We need your help NOW! Bryant Park and the Charlotte Skate Plaza need your support to be selected for design and construction funds in the upcoming fiscal year 2014 city budget. We have been informed that this decision could be made in the next 90 days.


[superquote]How[/superquote] Get Involved! Contact your County Commissioners TODAY to show support for Bryant Park and a Charlotte Skate Plaza.

Cut and paste this email and send to ALL of the local County Commissioner contacts listed below:


It has come to my attention that the county is considering a renovation and expansion of Bryant Park.

Bryant Park is one of Charlotte’s oldest park facilities and it’s location and proximity to neighborhoods, the greenway, and Uptown make this a unique opportunity to enrich the lives of many users.

I am an avid supporter of this renovation, and I am personally very excited about a proposed skate plaza component. A skate plaza will provide a place for youth who aren’t attracted to traditional team sports to express themselves in an individual and athletic manner.  Getting youth, particularly at-risk kids, involved in a personal and esteem-building activity like skateboarding helps them build confidence to do well in other aspects of their lives. 

I am contacting you to alert you to this important community project and to urge your support for the funding of Bryant Park and it’s selection for design and construction funds in the upcoming FY 2014 budget.

Your Name

Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioner Contacts
[six_columns] Commissioner
Pat Cotham:
Kim Ratliff:
Trevor Fuller:
Karen Bentley:
[/six_columns] [five_columns] Commissioner
Vilma Leake:704-336-2088
George Dunlap: 704-336-4419
Dumont Clarke: 704-331-1051
Matthew Ridenhour:
Bill James: billjames.org
Wjames@carolina.rr.com [/five_columns]


[superquote]Stay Involved & Encourage Others To Join[/superquote] Ask your parents, teachers, friends and anyone you know to support the Charlotte Skate Plaza and contact the county commissioners.

Spread the word on social media networks.
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