Paisley Skates Now Available

Paisley Skates Now Available

Black Sheep is honored to be one of only a handful of shops carrying the inaugural launch of Paisley Skates.

We are excited to welcome an exciting new brand with deep roots from a golden age of skateboarding. Graphics from the 90s changed the game. Controversial artwork pushed the boundary of what was accepted and often had much more to say about pop culture than what scratched the surface.


Brainchild of legendary artists Sean Cliver and Paul Urich, Paisley Skates was formed “to inspire and strengthen the foundation of the thing we love the most, skateboarding. Aligning with true visionaries, craftsmen and artist to bring products to the people that reflect our standards in quality and message.”



The initial offering from Paisley is now available in-store and online with a limited set of graphic tees, sticker packs and a few artist decks by prolific tattoo artist, Grime featuring 7 color hand screened graphic on retro shaped deck.

For those that have been calling, sorry to say, the Sean Cliver “Serial Party” deck is now sold out. Very limited quantity on remaining items, so don’t sleep! Stop by to grab some skate history for your collection or click the photos to purchase in the online shop.