Neil Blender Series from Black Label Skates


We just received an great batch of new decks from Black Label Skateboards including the incredible Limited Edition “Blender” Series.

The series features custom shapes and graphics from one of skateboarding’s true legends and pioneers, Neil Blender. Decks showcase original art on top and bottom of board and range in width from 8.38 ” to 8.88″ with unique shapes and assorted veneers. Includes classic models from legendary Black Label team riders Salman Agah, Omar Hassan, Matt Hensley and Wade Speyer. A great addition to any wall or collection and sure not to sit on the shelves for long.

Click the inquire now button below and contact us to purchase your favorite or the entire set while available then have it shipped directly to you anywhere in the U.S.


If you aren’t familiar with Neil Blender, he is responsible for inventing countless tricks in the 80’s as well as their creative names (lien airs– “Neil” spelled backwards, gay twists, no complys, as well as numerous lip trick like pivots to fakie, feebles, etc and contorted handplant variations– the list goes on and on). He was also an early innovator of mini ramp skating, tight transitions, and non traditional street spots.


Not only an amazing skateboarder, Neil was also one of the first riders to venture into art and push creativity by producing his own zines, photos, cartoons and skate graphics– a true pioneer in the game. Be sure to checkout the Chromeball Incident for more, great Neil Blender info, pics, and footage.