9five Eyewear Fall Collection

Now in stock, the brand new Fall 2009 Collection from 9five Eyewear.
Inspired by the mid 90’s period in skateboarding and hip hop, 9Five Eyewear is dedicated to dropping iconic styles that appeal to “the skateboarding obsessed, crate digging niche that thrived during this golden era.”

Their 2009 Fall Collection features a handful of classic retro designs to suit your individual style at a price that won’t break the bank. All feature UV rating, Premium Acetate Frames, and come in either Nerdfest Clear Lens or Gangsta Tint. These shades are super dope and always sell out quick, so come on through and try a pair on before they are all gone(plus the homies that run things actually skate, so you gotta support).

Also, be sure to grab their old school 1995 Mixtape for Free.